Active Hip Centre

The Active Hip Centre is a rehabilitation clinic devoted to helping people with ongoing hip pain. Our experienced physiotherapy staff are not only passionate about the hip but are specially trained to recognize the underlying causes of hip pain.

We pride ourselves on taking the necessary time to fully assess the region and CLEARLY discuss with the patient the underlying cause of their symptoms and, most importantly, HOW THEY CAN IMPROVE OR FIX THE PROBLEM using a well-structured, home-based rehab plan developed over the past 25 years by a team of physiotherapists, sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons.

Research studies conducted at the University of Calgary have shown these rehabilitation programs provide very positive outcomes in the vast majority of cases. (Johnson, Lindsay & Wiley 1999).

At each visit, patients are prescribed very specific exercises for very specific timeframes designed to correct muscle imbalances. These imbalances are common in the hip for the simple reason there are more muscles around this joint than any other joint in the body. Poor walking habits, prolonged sitting, incorrect weight-training or a previous history of foot/ankle/knee injuries can all contribute to muscle imbalances around the hip.

The typical conditions associated with muscle imbalances and treated at the Active Hip Centre include tendonitis, bursitis, femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), labral tears, osteo-arthritis and dysplasia. We also provide pre/post surgical programs for labral repair, peri-acetabular (PAO) or rotational osteotomy and hip replacement (THA) or resurfacing (Birmingham).

If required, we can also refer to sports medicine physicians to allow for a comprehensive rehab/medical plan.

Active Hip Centre is now located at Altitude Collaborative health!


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