Discover Quality Products for Your Health and Well-Being
At Altitude Collaborative Health, we're committed to providing you with not only exceptional care but also access to top-quality products that can support your journey to optimal health. We take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of products that align with our commitment to holistic wellness.

1. DDS Max Cervical Collar: At Home Relief
We are proud to offer the DDS Max Cervical Collar. This innovative collar is designed to provide much-needed support and relief for neck pain and cervical spine issues due to degenerative changes. Whether you're dealing with chronic discomfort or recovering from an injury, the DDS Max Collar can be a game-changer on your path to recovery.

2. Serola SI Belts: Stability and Support
Our Serola SI Belts are designed to provide stability and support to individuals dealing with sacroiliac joint issues. These belts are renowned for their effectiveness in relieving pain and discomfort associated with sacroiliac joint dysfunction, offering much-needed relief and freedom of movement.

3. Invertrac: Approved Distributor in Calgary
We are proud to be one of the approved distributors of Invertrac in Alberta. Invertrac is a trusted name in spinal decompression therapy, designed to alleviate back pain and promote spinal health. Experience the benefits of targeted spinal decompression with Invertrac, right here at Altitude Collaborative Health.

4. Coreshorts: Support for Your Core
Coreshorts are designed to provide support and stability to your core muscles, making them an excellent choice for athletes, individuals recovering from abdominal surgery, or anyone seeking to strengthen their core. Discover how Coreshorts can enhance your core strength performance and overall well-being.

5. Pillowise Pillows: Personalized Sleep Comfort
Quality sleep is essential for your health, and Pillowise Pillows are here to ensure you get the best sleep possible. These pillows are customizable to your unique sleeping position and preferences, offering unparalleled comfort and support throughout the night. Pillowise pillows come with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 5 year warranty. We offer pillows for at home as well as travel size pillows so you can have a comfortable sleep wherever that may be.

6. Kneed Orthotics: Customized Foot Support
Our Kneed Orthotics are tailored to your specific foot structure and gait. Whether you're dealing with foot pain, joint issues, or looking to enhance your athletic performance, these orthotics provide the customized support your feet need. Our in house pedorthist can customize these over the counter orthotics to further tailor to your feet.

7. LMNT: The Ultimate Electrolyte Supplement
LMNT is a cutting-edge electrolyte supplement developed by leading experts, including Dr. Robb Wolf. Unlike many other sports drinks and electrolyte products on the market, LMNT is crafted with a focus on quality and effectiveness. It contains none of the harmful additives, sugars, or artificial ingredients found in typical hydration products. Electrolytes are essential for regulating various bodily functions, from muscle contractions to nerve impulses. LMNT is designed to replenish your electrolyte stores and optimize hydration, helping you perform at your best, whether you're an athlete or someone seeking better daily vitality.

Why Choose LMNT:

  • Clean Ingredients: LMNT is free of sugar, gluten, artificial ingredients, and fillers, ensuring you get only what your body needs.
  • Convenient Packets: LMNT comes in convenient, portable packets, making it easy to stay hydrated wherever life takes you.
  • Diverse Flavours: Enjoy a range of delicious flavours that enhance your hydration experience.

Ready to experience the benefits of LMNT? Contact Altitude Collaborative Health today to learn more about this exceptional electrolyte supplement and how it can elevate your health. We are proud to be a distributor of LMNT in Canada! We sell individual servings which makes it easy to try different flavours or mix and match flavours. We also sell boxes which contain 30 servings so you can stock up your supply.

Explore our range of carefully selected products designed to complement and enhance your wellness journey. Each product is chosen with your health and comfort in mind, reflecting our commitment to providing you with the tools and solutions you need to thrive. Visit us at Altitude Collaborative Health to discover how these exceptional products can contribute to your overall well-being.
Contact us today to learn more about our products or to make a purchase, and take the next step toward a healthier, more comfortable life.